Posted by: emjb | September 24, 2005

Things that Make Me Happy

Since I’ve been about the cranky for a while.

NY Times story about doulas. Pointing out what a postive effect they can have on births and early baby care for young or poor mothers. Tres awesome.

Our doula is super nice, but a little…earnest and serious. I always have this urge to make earnest people laugh. This may mean I am trying to crack jokes at her while in labor. Perhaps I should have hired a comedian/doula. I may have to make her promise to laugh at my jokes or I won’t be able to relax.

Another NY Times story about a successful county effort to raise the grades of students…by integrating them using income, not race. We need more of this kind of thing–putting kids in schools where they can learn how to dream for better things. Funny how much difference that seems to make.



  1. And ice cream. Don’t forget ice cream.

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