In 1999, I created my first print zine, Quixote, which proved to be fun, but also far too expensive and time-consuming to maintain. I created it in the first place because I wanted to write articles for the type of magazine that just didn’t seem to exist anywhere, except in my head.

I’ve always been frustrated that my ideas for articles and essays didn’t fit into the Writer’s Digest recommendations, which encourage writers to squash what they really want to say to fit the needs of Cosmo and Maxim. But I just don’t think the world needs another “Top Ten Ways to Show Your Woman Who’s Boss” or “How to Starve Away That Fat.”

I needed a bigger outlet for my writing. Thus Grabapple.

This isn’t, and probably never will be, a money-making venture. It has been a joy to create, and a headache, but I’m pretty proud of it so far.

If you read this site much at all, you’ll know plenty about me, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll just say I’m in my mid-30s, raised in Texas mostly and foreign parts somewhat. I spend four years in New York and then moved back to Texas when my son was born. I’m a published writer of several books under my real name, and currently work as an editor in the DFW area.

My husband Matthew appears a lot in these pages; he’s a talented musician and also a stubborn, crazedly-hard-working man to boot. He’s working on his second CD, which is nearly finished.

Our son Nathan was born in November of 2005. His arrival was a joy…how it happened was not. I was one of many victims of the meat-grinder that is labor and delivery in American hospitals, with the result that I have a c/sec scar, lingering anger issues, experience with some truly nasty postpartum depression, and a burning desire to educate other women about their rights at birth (the ones I didn’t know I had). I thought of going into law, but my current plan is to become a certified professional midwife.

And the whole apple thing…well, I did steal a fruit-theme idea from Sars, I admit. But because my move to New York was about the scariest and best thing I’ve ever done for myself, because the energy and drive to finally complete this website came from that fear and motivation, and because it’s pretty much what I came here to do, “grabapple” just seemed like a good name. And darned fun to say.

And as an FAQ: my troll policy is, you get filtered, and you get ignored. Troll at will, but I will neither answer you, quote you, or publish you. You are a fungal growth on the shower curtain of the Internet, and indifference is my bottle of bleach. So to speak.

All content of this website except WordPress template copyrighted for Don’t gank it.


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