Posted by: emjb | July 4, 2008


Matthew has new songs; his new album is done, off to be pressed and ready for sale. You can listen to tracks here. My favorite is “Half the Man” because I dig the over the top production, and was one of those who said MORE reverb, YES choir, and is there any way to add more freaky distortion? Thanks, honey.

Wife-ish bias aside, what I like about Matt’s stuff apart from lots of “indie” music out there is that there isn’t long intros with lots of twee fiddling about, dissonant “low-fi” nonsense. He is a total drama queen, and that’s what I prefer–music that reaches out and grabs your throat and says HEY  JERKFACE, THIS IS GOOD/WEIRD/INTERESTING. NOW SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

Lots is happening in my life, good (Matt’s album, my new book project, Nathan’s unrelenting cuteness, my house’s awesomeness) and not (Matt has been sick, Mom is still sick, work is crazy, and my healthy young coworker just announced she is a) pregnant and b) going to have a c/section “just because.” Lovely.)

The blog will continue, because I think I’m just too addicted to telling people on the internet that they’re wrong. And that’s a job that will never be done.


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