Posted by: emjb | March 7, 2008


Do you know I have been writing this blog, in one form or another, nearly 10 freakin’ years?

And I’m TIRED.

Anyway, being tired, and being snowed in with Life, and needing a change, I am taking a Blogcation until…um…huh. How about June? That sounds about right. When it’ s warm again, I will have more material, and we’ll be moved out of our sad little rent house to a hopefully less-sad little rent house. Baby steps.

Good news is, I got a raise and a bonus today. Raises me from Taco Cabana to…hmm. Chili’s level, maybe.

Anyway, read my ever-excellent blogroll or just hang out with your own selves till June. See you then.



  1. A decade of blogging? I’m seriously impressed. You deserve a vacation. Use some of that well-deserved raise for yourself, and come back with good stories.

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