Posted by: emjb | January 17, 2008

I like my therapist

…and think it’s hilarious that I can say “my therapist.” So very not me, as I usually think of myself. But you know, the crazy comes to us all, eventually.

I can see that I have a lot of work ahead, but while scared at having to face unflattering truths about myself, I am also ready to try this new psychotherapy whatsit out.

Anyway, my therapist is an older Jewish lady, not From Here, but been here a while. I don’t know much of her story (that would require her getting a word in edgewise) but that’s fine. She and I are good, after one visit. Ask me again in three months, and we’ll see.

I had a lot of other stuff I was going to say, but you know…I’ll save it for the lady who’s paid to listen to it. My little favor to the Internets. Plus, I have a feeling anything I think I know now about my True Self will look stupid after a while, so…it’ll keep.

The rest of my life is bad and good. My stepfather is back in the hospital after his heart surgery; heart is fine, lungs are acting up and he’s not doing so hot. Good thoughts are welcome. He’s a sweet, loving husband to my mom, and I’d really like him to stick around and be well.

Nathan continues to be hella cute, but also hella two, and it’s like having a tiny semi-mute teenager in the house. You never know what mood you’re going to get. His smiles still make you forgive him, though. And he is actually pretty sweet-tempered compared to a lot of the little monsters I see out there. So far.



  1. The best therapist I had was a little Israeli lady – I LOVED her. She helped me tremendously and I could never thank her enough. And she was so good – that one day she said – “Go be happy and LIVE, I’ve helped all I can…the rest is up to you. You’ll be fine.” And with her blessing and knowing that she had confidence in me; I moved on.

    Sorry to hear that your stepfather is poorly – it’s tough when older folks start to fail.

    My own Nathan (2 yo) is either surly or a pure ray of sunshine every 4 minutes or so. I remind myself to give him lots of physical affection and attention and that he really does still have lots of “baby”needs of holding, playing, and lots of face time. Seems to make him more cooperative. I’ve also made a concentrated effort to “narrate” everything we do (“We’re going bye-bye to see Granny.” “Oh, I need to change Brother.”) It seems to aid his language skills as well as make him feel like he’s included in the activity rather than the activity happening to him. It’s gotta be hard to be 2…maybe harder than for me not to sell him to ugly-smelly-gypsies* when he’s mad because I won’t let him peel his baby brother with a carrot peeler.

    *An expression, no offense to gypsies intended.

  2. Glad to hear you like your therapist. I’ve found therapy to be a slow and frustrating process, but ultimately very helpful.

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