Posted by: emjb | January 9, 2008

The hot button


image courtesy Feministe

What is it? No really, what IS it that freaks people out about Hillary Clinton? I have yet to hear a coherent explanation that makes the outsize fear she causes among certain people understandable. Except for the most obvious one.

Other bloggers have covered this thoroughly, and I have to say, I hope the next time some douche pinches a woman’s cheek or rubs her shoulders in a pathetic ape-man dominance display, she punches him on his stupid smirky mouth. Enough of this bullshit.

Whatever it is that makes Chris Matthews and his ilk lose their marbles in the presence (or at the mere mention) of a woman with any power whatsoever, it also seems to have infected a few posters in this Metafilter thread. A relatively mundane post about a new magazine for Canadian teens that proudly proclaims feminism, acceptance for LGBT teens and people of color, among others, brought out some astonishing responses:

I looked briefly. It seems to be a tool for turning teenage girls into feminists. There is a proper place for self-empowerment and gender equality, but the world already has far too many feminists…

I find the site to be pretty disappointing. A typical inbred cookie-cutter liberal/feminist blog, with no indication of any appeal to real living teen girls as opposed to ideological fantasy teen girls. They should focus less on The Message and more on presentation.

my use of feminist is as follows: A female who believes that an imbalance exists in every area of life between men and women. Never content with any concession from any male, she believes fairness means imparting special priveleges to women to decide what is or is not proper, regardless of circumstances. She will accuse essentially any man who challenges this belief of being sexist, pedophilia inclined, porn addicted, power hungry, or some combination thereof without ever allowing herself the realization that such a worldview is essentially sexist in the opposite direction.

I’m sure yours differs. I no longer care. I’ve defined my terms.

Yeah. In their concern-trolly attempt to tell girls how to be feminist, so long as “feminist” is defined as “not too uppity”, such posters emphasize just why teenage girls might need a magazine that isn’t about clothes, shoes, and man-pleasin’. Sheesh.

Shameless does look like a good magazine, by the way. I may order a subscription. First the Canucks give us Degrassi, now this! Bless ’em.



  1. Hillary scares me because she seems so cold and calculating. To me she seems to be in it for the power. I don’t see that she has a lot of compassion or a strong faith to balance her out. She seems to be in bed with the corporate lobbyists. On top of this, I am a conspiracy nut and completely disagree with her policies.

    Picture this. Guns are made illegal. Health care is socialized, but the quality continues to decline. The dollar continues to decline against foreign currencies. Gold is confiscated. To bail out the American dollar, the globalists suggest a new North American currency, the Amero. Taxes are levied at a trans-national level — taxation without representation. There is no way to protest… the people are broke and sick and weaponless… the “elections” are tallied on easily-rigged Diebold machines…

    So maybe that’s not a “logical” explanation, but that’s why Hillary scares me. Her being female has nothing to do with it.

  2. Hmmm, Lauxa. Do you find her any more cold and calculating than a man? Do you hold her to a different standard than a male candidate? Because that’s hardly fair. People who seek political power have to be somewhat calculating. I personally like Edwards a lot more, policy-wise; but the way people like Chris Matthews simply can’t deal with *any* powerful woman is just insulting to me.

    🙂 I’m not a conspiracy nut, but I do not like the way Bush has tried to turn the presidency into a monarchy. And Diebold machines without paper trails should be eliminated.

    But as far as getting rid of guns, that’s never going to happen–there are far too many of them now circulating, and the gun-making industry is fairly powerful. (it’s actually not that hard to make your own gun, if you’re determined to do so). As for socialized medicine, we would all be healthier, not sicker–the most recent survey of 19 industrialized nations found that 100,000 Americans die every year for lack of care–meaning that if we had a quality of care equivalent to France’s socialized medicine, we’d save 100,00 lives a year. And the rest of us would probably be in better shape due to having access to medical treatment for chronic but non-fatal problems. All countries that have socialized medicine also have private health insurance, for those that want it. There is no loss of freedom, other than the freedom to die from the flu because you’re too poor for healthcare.

    The Amero thing…well, I don’t see it happening; seems like the Trilateral commission and fake moon-landing type stuff, there. The dollar’s declining because we rely on increasing production rather than sustainable economics.

    My personal phobia is the oil crash; no one is talking about what we do when oil runs out, and how that doesn’t just affect transportation, but also plastics and fertilizers. Could get ugly. Hope it won’t.

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