Posted by: emjb | December 19, 2007

Sorry about the blog-lag

…but this endless chain of colds is kicking my ass. And Matt’s, and Nathan’s, although they seem to be on the mend. My freaking ears hurt because I’ve blown my nose so much for the last 3 days, and still, my head keeps producing astonishing amounts of mucous. No decongestant seems to be able to stop it for more than an hour or two. So yeah, not sleeping too great either.

If I don’t feel better by tomorrow, it’s off to the doctor, though if it’s a virus, which I’m sure it is, the most he can do is prescribe a stronger decongestant. Or maybe some morphine, or Vicodin. Whatever. At this point, I’d gladly take something that knocked me out until I was better, even if I missed Christmas. Not like I can taste, hear, or breathe properly anyway.

So yeah, see what you haven’t been missing? This. I promise that when I feel better, I’ll post some cute Nathan pics and maybe even not write long pointless bitter rants about my nasal passages. In the meantime, Merry Christmas.


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