Posted by: emjb | October 13, 2007

Crackers, Please!

OK, so boys had Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, GI Joe, etc. etc. All of which I watched, most of which had 1-2 women if at all.

Girls had Jem. Oh, and She-Ra. But mostly, just Jem.

Jem was typical Crapjanimation, stiff and improbably animated, and like all girl shows, way too goody-goody and pink. However, it was probably the only place a girl could see another girl with a guitar rock out; we had Jem, Chryssie Hynde, and…well, that was pretty much it.

But really, it was crap, and the songs were all about “be yourself! yay!” and friendship, and I don’t know, flowers and unicorns. BORING. And girls nowadays still don’t have it very much better in cartoon-land; it’s either be SluttyMcFashion Puppet, or else be PinkUnicornPrincessFairy from SparkleCastle, sold separately.

But in the wonderful age of YouTube, there have been a lot of Jem remixes, for those of us wishing we could travel back in time and make this show as cool as we really wanted it to be.

Hence, Jem covers (ha) Le Tigre’s Deceptacon. AWESOME.

(via Feministing)

Oh, oh, but wait. Here are three teenagers with their own awesome take on the same song. Involving a hapless mannnequin in drag and robot moves. Love the trick camera work. Love the utterly cool goofiness of teenage girls. Not a PinkUnicornPrincessFairy in sight.



  1. JEM!!! Wow….the memories that brings back. Thank you!!! I had been trying and trying and trying to remember the name….I will admit — I loved Jem when I was young, but I was just dorky like that. 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better.

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