Posted by: emjb | September 21, 2007

I know, everybody quotes Dooce

And normally, she is too hip and hyper for me to relate to very much. But she got this bit right:

…it wasn’t until Leta was about two years old that I grew into my identity as a mother, that I finally stopped feeling guilty and embraced my version of that role. I knew that I loved my child, that I would do anything for her, but that I don’t necessarily do this thing like many other women. And that’s okay. I am okay with being the mother who doesn’t get a thrill out of sitting on the floor and playing blocks for two hours. I am okay with being the mother who does not look forward to Little Gym. I’m okay with being the mother who lets her child go another day without a bath because tonight? I’m too tired tonight. I’m okay because I know that none of these things make me a bad person.

If it wasn’t for Matt, I’d be hosing Nathan off in the yard. Our tub skeeves me out*, so I have to clean it before I can bathe him in it, and I hate doing that…so he tends to skip baths. Fortunately his daddy doesn’t skeeve easily.

*How in God’s name do we produce so much hair? And why is hair so hard to clean up? Nothing grabs it! But every bit of it will float in the tub, and that just freaks me out. Which is why I never take baths. I wish Nathan would like showers more.


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