Posted by: emjb | September 8, 2007

Fierce love

I realized some things about Nathan today, the first day we’ve spent alone together for a while.

1. He’s not on track when it comes to talking. According to what charts I’ve been able to find, he should have more than the maybe 10 words we can make out by now, at 22 months. He doesn’t form sentences, or use his words to ask for things. He doesn’t imitate us when we point and tell him words for things. He doesn’t respond verbally or point to “where’s Daddy?” or other similar questions. He does talk, incessantly, in a conversational kind of pattern, but uses “nananana”, “dukadukadukaduka” and other syllables over and over. He never even had a word for “bottle” or “milk” or any kind of food, and well, I guess I just hadn’t let myself notice till today that this wasn’t what he was supposed to be doing. I don’t know how much to be worried, yet; you hear stories of “my kid never talked till he was 3!” and that might just be all it is. But if he’s having trouble and needs help, I want to get it for him, at least find out what could be causing it. He should at least have his hearing checked, though he seems to hear fine. Sometimes he does ignore us, but I can’t tell if it’s because he doesn’t hear or just isn’t paying attention. Time to bring in the experts.

2. He is such a sweet and funny kid, and so engaged; he flirts constantly, laughs all the time, and can be amazingly cuddly. And then sometimes he’s a monster grouch. But really, even his grouchiest mood is short-lived; even when he’s sick, or tired, you can usually make him giggle, or he’ll have little flashes of happiness in between the bitching. Today we worked on spoon feeding, which his father and I have neglected because he was so happy with finger foods. He did fine for a while with the yogurt, scooping, kinda, with his spoon and getting it mostly in his mouth. But then, in defiance of all the laws of physics, he decided he could eat yogurt better with his hands. And he did, although I didn’t appreciate him wiping his hands through his hair. Though he remembered to keep hold of his spoon, all the same.




  1. Hey,
    can you resize these and repost? They are so big on my screen, I can’t make it out very well …

  2. Hey there. Don’t stress over the words unless you have a “mother’s intuition” that something is wrong. Kelsye didn’t have many words at 2 years or make sentences or any of that. She’ll be four in November and is now jabbering away, although maybe not a proficiently as some of the kids who talked earlier. Maybe check with the grandparents to see if it runs in the family. My husband’s brother didn’t talk until almost 4 and he had another cousin who was a late talker as well. As long as he is not autistic (clearly not) and you don’t suspect a hearing problem, he should be able to pick it up at his own pace.

  3. Hmm, Micaela, they resize ok on my browser…I’m using Firefox though. I’ll check on it.

    Thanks, Lauxa. Sometimes my kid seems like the only one not saying “May I go outside and play, Mother dear?” already.

  4. I use Firefox as well, and it looks fine on my home computer. At my job, they insist on Internet Explorer, and that’s where they look gigantic.

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