Posted by: emjb | August 28, 2007

Ending with a whimper, and then some goofing off.

….or, how my last few days at Crazy Inc. have been a festival of screw ups on my part. I know, objectively, they are not all my fault; I’ve been handed the job equivalent of being dropped in a foreign country with the wrong guidebook, no money, and no language skills. No wonder I’m lost and confused.

But tomorrow’s the last day, so it’s moot. They were unsurprised at my exit, maybe because they’ve gone through several other people before me. I pity the poor schmuck they hire next.

It’s probably sounding egomaniacal for me to say “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly be truly incompetent at this” but you know, it’s not. I’ve been working long enough to know what’s actually beyond me and what is just something I haven’t been taught to do. No amount of training would make me a good nuclear physicist, though I might learn enough to run the microscopes. And I’m ok with that. Even a few days of training would have made me better at this job, though.

At any rate, Tuesday I start a real job, with an actual orientation, benefits, yadda yadda hey. I get a few days off, and while we remain butt-draggingly poor, we’ve already paid for Nathan’s school for the week, so they’re REAL days off, which, woot! Is cool. Days off which don’t require me to be Nathan’s monkey are still so new that I feel a smidge guilty for taking them. Not enough to pull him out of school though.

Oh, I forgot one sad/funny thing about giving notice today. Sane Copyeditor, who shares an office with me and Insane Copyeditor*, looked sad, and then whispered “If they have any openings…CALL ME.”

*Insane Copyeditor looks, oddly, a loy like Teri Hatcher, except only if she’d had a stroke. One side of her face doesn’t quite match the other, and while that wouldn’t bug me much, it seems somehow related to her being a bit cuckoo-bananas. She spends much of her time yelling at Sane Copyeditor for daring to offer to do some work if she’s overloaded, which she always is. “WHY DO YOU KEEP TAKING MY JOBS???” she roared, apropos of nothing, yesterday. And then proceeded to work for 14 hours instead.


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