Posted by: emjb | August 9, 2007

And the universe says to me “Dance, puppet, dance!”


So I got a job today. I know! Crazy. It’s just a temp, but it could last 3 or more months. The manager was concerned a little to hear I was looking for permanent work. “So you could find your perfect job next week?” “Well,” I said, “judging by how it’s going, that’s probably not going to happen.”

And then she calls today to give me the job. Decent pay, not very hard, might even be interesting.

So I’m all excited, call Matt, set up Nathan’s daycare for Monday, yadda. I take Nathan to Half Price Books to run around with all the other little hellions in the children’s section. Then I check my phone for the time, and see I’ve got a message.

“Hello, emjaybee. This is Bob, from Famous Insurance Company You’ve Heard Of. We’d like you to come back in for a writing test!”

Now I had written off Bob and FICYHO already, as it had been over a month with no response from them after my first interview. I had moved on, dealt with the situation. And now…he was reeling me back in!

And because I’m a Nice Person the first thing I thought was “The manager at the temp job is going to think I’m such an asshole.” When, you know, it’s temping. You’re not supposed to feel guilt. But I’d all but promised her no one else wanted me! And they didn’t. Not till I was almost off the market.

So tomorrow I go in for the writing test. How long will it take to get a response? My guess is, they’ll wait until I’ve been at Temp Job long enough to have been fully trained, and then make me an offer and ask me to start the next day. So that I’ll truly be the asshole. Happy to be fully employed, but still the asshole.


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