Posted by: emjb | July 25, 2007

Where I was today

About a block away from this:


..a giant propane/acetylene tank explosion near downtown Dallas.

I was there maybe 15 minutes after it began, trying in vain to get out of Dallas and take Nathan to a playgroup. At first I thought it was just a grass fire, then I realized that “whoomping” sound I was hearing was the actual flames, which were coming out of a building ahead and to my left, reaching about 100 feet or more into the sky. Little bits of ash rained down on my windshield. I saw a piece of debris maybe 5 feet tall go rocketing west from the fire above the freeway, with flames and smoke shooting out of it.The cops were already there and turned everyone around, and yes, we’re fine.

But I guess it says something about me that I was mostly annoyed at not getting to take Nathan out where I could talk to other adults. We came home and he played in his kiddie pool instead. Oh well. At least he had fun.


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