Posted by: emjb | July 14, 2007

Chatty Natty

Nathan is working so hard on his talking and gesturing lately. He says “Bath!” and “Baba” (while also slapping his mouth). He sings along, in his own way, to certain songs. He always says “AAaaay!” at the end of any song I sing or his daddy sings. He says bye-bye, but hesitantly, so it comes out as a soft “bah”, a pause, then another “bah” with possibly a hand wave. He knows “no” though it’s usally “nonononono.” He imitates the way Teletubbies say “What’s that?” by saying “Wha da?”, and then he looks pleased when we tell him what it is, even though he usually doesn’t repeat it.

And he has his own funny noises. A way of wrinkling up his upper lip and blowing air through his mouth to make a hissy sound…making him look kind of like someone doing a Jimmy Cagney impression. A “GRRRR!” noise he makes in frustration.

And he babbles, constantly. He reads to himself, in his own way, usually in front of a mirror, so he can stop to make faces at himself. Actually, he doesn’t really like us to read to him at all…he prefers his version, and doing it on his own. I don’t know if he’s telling himself stories or just making sounds. But it’s incredibly cute, so who cares.

He says “Mama” a lot, but not usually when he’s looking at me or when I’m in the room. Same for “Dada”. I’m not sure why…maybe he thinks it’s rude, somehow.

His learning cycle seems to be pretty consistent, in that he doesn’t move fast, but he grasps it well once he does. He seemed to take forever to learn to crawl and walk, but now it’s no big deal. I’m sure talking will be the same. Lots of kids younger than him talk more than he does, but he’s just going at his own pace, and so his dad and I are learning not to worry about it. He’s obviously storing it all up in there somewhere.


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