Posted by: emjb | July 11, 2007

Daycare Hunt

We looked at two daycares today, one I was meh on, the other…I was less meh on, though it will lose some of its charm if the utterly charming teacher who would be taking Nathan leaves. She was a trip…super hyped up on all she’s going to do with the 2 year olds, and even going into detail on how she was going to work with them on potty training(!) and utensils(!) and I was smitten.

Nathan, meanwhile, was clingy until he saw other toys and other kids, and then we were forgotten. Until we had to leave…then it was Tantrum Time.

I think we have entered the Terrible Twos a few months ahead of schedule. The Piercing Dolphin Scream of Rage has become his weapon du choice several times a day now. Also the Rigid Resistance Posture, the Going Limp Escape, and your more mundane kicking and screaming.

In between, there is incredible little moments of sweetness, giggles, hugs, and amazing amounts of mugging to get attention.

I am sympathetic, some of the time. It must be hard to know how to do things, but not be allowed to do them. Why can’t he taste the Drano, eat pillbugs, stand in front of the open fridge and play with the mustard? Why are we so gosh darn mean to him? From his perspective, it’s all inexplicable and out of his control and frustrating. I can understand that.

But still, I have to keep him from playing with broken glass and moving cars, whether he understands or not, so we fight, and I win because I’m bigger and smarter. For now. And by the time that’s reversed, hopefully he’ll be able to figure the rest out for himself.


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