Posted by: emjb | July 7, 2007

Is our children weaning?

Simpler times.

Nathan seems to love his bottle less all of a sudden. Considering that his bottle has basically been his lovey, and Too Much Bottle seemed, well, impossible until this week, it’s a shock. The Magic may indeed, be Gone.

I’m not sure Matt and I are ready for that, though. Mostly because Nathan loves pouring out his sippy cups as much or more than drinking from them. He doesn’t like the straw-kind, because you can’t pour them out. Oh, and those little anti-pour stoppers don’t deter him; he will mouth and suck at the top until he makes it drop out, and then…start pouring.

With a bottle, we just give it to him and let him go to town. With a cup, it’s going to be a constant-monitoring situation, and towels will be needed. And maybe Windex for the sticky applejuice and whatever. Ugh.

But, he has to move on. And not cleaning nipples out anymore would be fine with me. It’s just…ugh. I hate the mess, and the screaming. Hate hate hate.

And that makes me Bad Mommy, because a Good Mommy would be lovingly committed to Helping Him Learn. She’d patiently show him how to grasp the cup, keep him from pouring it, wipe up the spills, and sing him a happy little song, nevermind that she will never get a chance to eat dinner herself.

I am not the Good Mommy.


We have the same problem with utensils. He should be starting to use them. He probably should be eating applesauce and other things requiring spoons, not just raw fruit and veggies and Cheerios. But…he flings his finger food as it is. A bowl of applesauce and a spoon would be a loaded weapon in his hands. At this point, I’m willing to let him eat with his fingers till kindergarten, because I do not want to clean applesauce out of the crevices of my already bug-infested kitchen.

Yep. Bad Mommy, all the way.

My only salvation may be daycare…I can put the cup and spoon-learning off on the daycare ladies, and hope he does his initial pouring and flinging in a place with a janitorial staff. It’s a Bad Mommy thing to do, but…you know, who cares? I wipe this kid’s butt every day, and let him drool on me. If I can get someone else to let him pour apple juice on their head, I say, hells yeah!



  1. What a bad mommy. Now here, kid, take this bottle and shaddap.

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