Posted by: emjb | July 3, 2007

A 7-Pinwheel kinda day


I love LOVE Pinwheel cookies, and as a result have no self-control about eating them. I once ate myself sick on them at my grandma’s house as a kid, and STILL I love them, in all their marshmallowy chocolate-coated goodness. (NOT fudge-coated…those are an abomination!).

Anyway, I only buy Pinwheels under conditions of extreme duress requiring extraordinary measures. Which is a fairly accurate description of my life at the moment.

First, of course, is the fact that I’m still laid off. That sucks, because I haven’t even gotten any nibbles on my resumes (about 10) that I’ve sent out. Not a call or an email. So I called the temp agency to get re-signed up…but I know the pay isn’t going to be much. I may even end up having to take a crappy admin job to get insurance, and I HATE being an admin. Hate making travel plans for portly, balding sweaty executives with cheap ties and high blood pressure. Hate filing documents that No One Will Ever Read Again. Hate cheerful company memos. Hate taking messages. Hate hate hate. But there are plenty of those jobs around, and they’re easy if you are capable of minimal brainwave activity, so they may be my only option as the cash continues to run out. Yes, I should follow my bliss…but sometimes, I must first follow my need to keep eating and sleeping indoors.

The second thing is that Matt has been sick for 3 days….horrible bowel-problems sick. To the point where this morning he begged me to call the EMTs because he couldn’t even walk to the car so I could drive him to his doctor’s. So I did, trying not to think about ambulance bills. And then I was PUT ON HOLD BY 911, ya’ll. Before they even knew my emergency. Good thing Matt hadn’t been shot or anything!

The EMTs were here fast, though, and they were nice. I think were trying to save us cash. After they determined Matt’s blood pressure didn’t put him in the danger zone, they managed to help him to the car so he wouldn’t have to ride in the ambulance. They didn’t take our insurance info, so I don’t know if we’ll be billed for their help or not. At any rate, I got Matt to his doc’s and didn’t have to sit in the ER for six to 12 hours with Nathan. Matt is feeling better after his doc put him on Pedialyte and antibiotics, but I’m still zoned from 3 days of nonstop baby and husband care. Compounded by the third thing…

the goddamn rain. It has rained EVERY day, often TWICE a day, for the last TWO WEEKS, and it’s taking a toll. I can’t take Nathan outside much at all (he heads straight for the nastiest oil-slicked puddles he can find) so we have to drive him somewhere twice a day so he can play and get out of the house. Our backyard remains a poison-ivy infested mosquito swamp that we can do nothing about till it dries out. Our front yard is OK, but the first two inches below the grass are all mud. The rain has also led to an explosion of web worms, so there are freakin’ caterpillars everywhere. And it drives the roaches and ants indoors…I’ve had to fumigate my kitchen pantry several times, and grout up entrance holes, but I doubt I’ve got them all yet.

There’s hardly ever any sunshine, and the heat with 100% humidity is unbearable. So we’re all stir crazy. I am sick of taking Nathan to the bookstores and the mall playground, the only places he can mostly play safely and stay dry. I am sick of this goddamn weather. If Nathan were in daycare, he would get much more stimulation and have more fun. But I can’t put him in daycare because I still don’t have a job.

See, it’s all one big Circle of Suck!


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