Posted by: emjb | May 25, 2007

still teething. STILL.

His mouth is full of teeth. Where is he putting the new ones? Maybe he’s getting his wisdom teeth early too. I can’t tell, because putting your finger in there is a good way to lose it. I need some sort of dental pry-thingie and a flashlight if I want to find out, and I just haven’t bought the proper ropes with which to hog-tie him first.

But….drooling? Check. Not eating much? Check. Extra poop? Check. Sometimes fevery? Check. Waking up from a deep sleep wailing? Check. Fingers in the mouth? Check.

Either he’s contracted some rare disease that has all those exact symptoms, or it’s another &^$$#*&^$#! tooth. Making this the 8,00th Complaining About Teething entry. Sorrry ya’ll. At least I didn’t write a whole entry about how relieved I am that he is an extremely regular pooper and hardly ever gets diarrhea, knock on wood. So thank your lucky stars for that.


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