Posted by: emjb | May 21, 2007

Nathan-to-English Glossary (1st ed.)


Dooh doh doh doo: I am playing cutely, and perhaps looking in the mirror as I do.

NaNAnanana: Blah blah: imitation of adult speech. See also Charlie Brown “wah wah wah wah.”

Stck: stick

Dah: dog

Mama: Mom

Dadada or Dadoh: Dad

Mii mii mii!: General expression of pleased surprise: “Well would you look at that! I’ll be darned!”

Nononononoo: Sometimes “no.” Sometimes simply commentary, i.e., “I just don’t know about that.”

Ahhpul: Apples. Also, any food. Also, rocks that look like they might be food.


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