Posted by: emjb | May 5, 2007

The wide world awaits


So…we’re moving. From a 1.5-bedroom apartment to a 3-bedroom rental. From the mid-cities to Dallas. From squalor to…less squalor.

It’s not a rich neighborhood; it used to be a richer one, but hit hard times somewhere, so now immigrant families have moved in, and renters like us. The houses are still nice, but the city is doing a crap job at keeping up the sidewalks, and there are dollar stores in what used to be exclusive strip malls. But we’re out of the DFW flightpath, away from a major trucking artery, and in a place that has trees. A BIG backyard. And a decent front yard, where I am, yes, actually going to attempt to plant something in the flower beds.

We’re so close to the center of Dallas…we can go to the museum, to the arthouse movie theaters, to the original Half Price Books store. There’s a Progressive Parents Group in the area that we’ve hung out with a few times, who all have kids around Nathan’s age. I’m excited. Excited to be living in Dallas.


(See more Nathan pictures at my flickr page.)


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