Posted by: emjb | May 4, 2007


The Bottle Wean-Off is…off. For today. He came up this morning with a fever and the sniffles, so we’ll wait till we’re done with that (and possibly till his father and I are also done with that). Still, even when he’s well, night-feeding is a giant pain, so that bottle’s days are numbered.

I just wish he had a lovey like all the baby books say he should. No favorie blanket or toy does it for him; he doesn’t attach to anything else but a bottle, not even a pacifier. Maybe he’ll find something when the bottle goes away but I’m not looking forward to the transition. Not at all.

My niece, who is only 12 years younger than me and has 3(!) children mentioned that she bought one of those cheap door mirrors and hung it horizontally next to her kids’ cribs. Gave them something to talk to. It’s narcissistic, but it works for her. Maybe we’ll try it. I try not to make Buying Something the automatic solution to Nathan’s problems, but maybe there does need to be some kind of new cool thing about bedtime* to take the bottle’s place.

*Things that have failed to make him like bedtime more: stories, blankets, music, songs, baths, toys of any kind, a pillow, white noise, darker window shades. We’re pretty much out of ideas here.



  1. As part of the night-weaning process with my son – I switched back to newborn nipples. I use Avent bottles and those level 4 nips have four holes (nozzles, my husband calls them) and my Nathan can just zoom through 13 ounces of milk in a few minutes. Now I get 30 minutes of reading and quiet/sleepy time with him.

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