Posted by: emjb | May 3, 2007

lol nosleep

Friday is D-day for me; last night was IT. 4 times I got up with him…he’s getting worse, all of a sudden, with the night waking. He’s not sick, or teething, or even growing all that fast right now. He’s just addicted to the moo-sauce. I have, meanwhile, gone right past crabby to….whatever comes past crabby. I don’t know what that is because I’m SO FREAKING TIRED.

I think it’s time for Night Bottle Detox. Which means even more no sleep, but at least it will be no sleep with a cause. He’s ready. Lord knows, WE are ready. So Friday night, bye-bye baba. It will be sippy cup with water (which he will HATE) or nothing. We’ll still have daytime bottles for now, but eventually those will go too. He eats like a horse; the bottle’s just extra calories at this point.

If all this sounds like justification, it is. I don’t like listening to him cry, it puts a real damper on the evening, and after about 10 minutes, you start wondering Wow, he’s really crying hard! What if he’s hurt? What if he’s crying because he has just hurt himself in the crib? Better go check! And of course he’s not hurt, and going in to check just cranks him up again more.

I KNOW he can sleep through without the bottle. Now I just have to teach him that he knows it too.



  1. My own little Nathan (17 mo) is having the same issues. Last night I let him drift off with his bottle of milk, then replaced that bottle with one with water. He woke up 2x and I handed him his bottle – once he slurped it a bit and the other time he jabbed it into his father’s eye in protest. (He sleeps with us) He whined, grumbled, and kvetched, but he managed. I too KNOW he doesn’t need anything to get through the night – its just become a habit. I’m hoping detox will take a week, at most. Here’s to hoping! (Raises sippy-cup in salute!)

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