Posted by: emjb | March 14, 2007

One day, in America…

Hey, we rape your women!

I hope all of your people die.

You’re probably going to kill us all.

Why do they let people like this in the country?

What would you have to do to have someone say such hateful things to you? In Hartford, Connecticut, all you have to do is come to school one day wearing a burqa.

Caitlin Dean was taking a Middle Eastern Studies class at her school, and volunteered to be one of several students who would wear traditional Muslim clothes to school for a day. Because a burqa covers your face, many fellow students didn’t know she wasn’t actually a Muslim or from the Middle East, and so they felt free let their hatred out. The comments in the article aren’t the worst she heard; others couldn’t be printed in the newspaper.

She only had to put up with it for a day, and ended up in tears. How many actual Muslim kids face it every day with no escape? How many are beaten up and threatened and worse?



  1. My misanthropy grows anew.

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