Posted by: emjb | February 21, 2007


Just a portmanteau post today.

1. Nathan doesn’t need surgery. According to Jim the Perky Neurosurgeon. The guy was the most upbeat doctor ever. Anyway, he doesn’t think Nathan’s head is going to grow enough more in his life to cause anything but a slightly odd shape. No brain pressure, no freakishness. I hope he’s right, because after Nathan is two, it’s way harder to operate on his skull. Shudder. Meanwhile, Nathan continues to think of walking as a hobby, not a job, but remains on track otherwise developmentally, so I tend to think he’s not behind. He’s like the guy who loves vinyl because it’s retro and lo-fi. All those other kids can run around upright and listen to their iPods, but Nathan will be moving to his own groove, crawling when he wants to, workin’ it old-school, watching his vintage Sesame Street DVD and not sweating it. And that’s ok.

2. A friend asked me about Texas gov Perry’s decision to make the cervical cancer vaccine mandatory. I told her even a bigoted shallow stopped clock is right twice a day. Meaning that even if he’s doing it for his buddies at Merck, it’s a good idea and I’m all for it. And it’s not “mandatory” if the parents who oppose it fill out a form; five minutes, and they can opt out of protecting their daughters from cancer. Don’t know why they would, but hey, they’ve got the right. I’m hearing a lot of foofaraw about it not being tested enough yet, which I would kind of listen to, except the people saying so are generally the kind who think giving girls access to birth control is bad too. So I tend to think they’re less about protecting their daughters than they are squicked out about the thought that said daughters will, someday, most likely have sex. Never mind that cancer will kill them…they might have sex! Priorities seem a bit askew, here. Would they protest so much if it protected boys from penile cancer? One wonders.

3. Via midlifemidwife, this movie trailer has me intrigued.

4. Bush’s new budget: taking away 28 billion from Medicaid and giving 32.7 billion to Sam Walton’s family. Among other atrocities. One thing I will say about Bush; he’s consistent. A consistent asshole.


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