Posted by: emjb | February 1, 2007

Goodbye, goop-eye

Nathan now has a tube in one tear duct that will hopefully clear up his constant gooey eye. The surgery went fine, and the pediatric surgery center was quite nice, with a big playroom and the Wiggles (shudder) on the overhead TV to distract your kids from the fact they’re about to be prodded in some painful way or other.

I was wondering how I would handle it when they took Nathan away to prep for surgery (which is just giving him the anesthetic and taking off his shoes for an IV; they don’t make them change clothes). Because he was already past Grumpy to I HATE YOU ALL mode after a night of no liquids and getting up at 4am to drive across town to the surgery. It was cold and raining too. I was braced for complete and total screaming hysterics when we had to hand him over.

But! Instead, they got him high first. They gave him some kind of nose drops, and within minutes his pupils were dialated and he was spacey and quiet. He went with the nurse without a peep.

30 minutes later, all was done. His nose is bloody from being intubated for oxygen, and he has some surgical tape goo on his ankle. He cried until the second we gave him a bottle, then it was lights out. He’s been napping on and off all day, and now I’m just waiting for him to stop making faces in the mirror in our room and get tired enough for bed.

Kind of a practice run for Big Scary surgery coming up, probably next month. Poor little Frankenbaby.


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