Posted by: emjb | January 14, 2007

A part of my personality it annoys me to use…

…is the confrontational part. In other words, I have to go in and lay it down for my boss tomorrow. I’ve been taking my cues from her, not getting too hyper about the missed deadlines and vague, ever-changing rules for the projects I’m managing, but now I’ve got to put a stop to it. Shit, as they say, rolls downhill, and I am not going to be hit with this particular cowflop if I can help it. And if we don’t get things in line, there will be a whole manure cart full coming our way.

I do not like confrontation, not so much from fear as from laziness. I have to get myself all worked up, line up my arguments, deal with the backlash, and negotiate the outcome. And really, I’d just rather be working and not hassling with it. I end up getting mad…that I have to get mad. I prefer being content, happy, and laid back. Not making waves. I prefer that everybody else know HOW to DO THEIR JOB so that I don’t have to tell them, we can all just get to WORK already.

This place is a start up, and I can handle the fact that confusion and chaos comes with that. What I can’t handle is the inability to make decisions that seems to afflict too many people here. That is a problem. I’m not a total hard-ass, but I do expect people not to keep petitioning to change their assignments when said assignments are already terribly late. I especially need my boss NOT to go along with that, which she has been. Not if she wants to keep that manure cart from tipping over, because it will. It’s my job to track things and get them on time–and that means, at some point, you stop fiddling and declare them good enough and get them done. We are way past the point that should have happened.

This particular project is, quite frankly, a dog, but it still has to be done, and soon. I don’t have the option of grooming it all day hoping for it to turn into a diamond. Not gonna happen. I don’t understand why this isn’t abundantly clear to my boss, but I guess I have to try to make her understand. Ugh.



  1. Speaking as someone who long ago got dooced, you’ve got some woman-balls griping about work on your blog.

  2. Don’t git us in trubble, sugar momma!

  3. DOOCE! Eh. Actually that never crossed my mind. I suppose if our network guy was a monitoring type, he MIGHT figure it out with some detective work. I don’t update from work, and unlike SOME people, don’t show it to my CO-WORKERS (cough, DEAN).

    So they’d have to do some serious investigating, which seems unlikely. I haven’t mentioned Matt’s site either so they wouldn’t get here from there.

    Anything’s possible, I suppose, but I name no names, and my boss lady (and others I work with) stick with email and Google Scholar for the most part. I’m not sure “blog” is a word they’ve ever spoken.

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