Posted by: emjb | January 7, 2007

Sunday night, and farting midwives

I’m surfing the internet while Matt and Nathan sleep, listening to our upstairs neighbors, who like to RUN from one end of their apartment to another while stomping their (apparently) heavy shoes AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. Occasionally they drop something heavy from a great height, just to liven things up, or run their vacuum at 11pm. So far they haven’t woken up Nathan, but when they do, I’m going to get him out of bed as he sobs, throw on my robe, and go upstairs to pound on their door and LET THEM HAVE IT. They don’t speak English (we’ve complained before) but I’m pretty sure they’ll get my meaning.

Anyway, I’m having a beer to keep my blood pressure down in the meantime. And I found some new midwife blogs, yay, now in my sidebar. One of them is Frectis. And Frectis has let me in on a little-known fact that, quote,

Long labors bring out the gas in midwives. I don’t know why. One of my friends says its an adrenalin thing. Another said it’s because we freely fart all day long but when you’re in someone’s house you notice it more because you’re trying to hold them in. Maybe we should commission a study. I’ve never been to a birth with anyone who hasn’t been gassy.

See, THAT’S the kind of info you can never get from a midwifery textbook. Yet, so important to know!



  1. OMG. ROFLMAO you found that AND wrote about it on your blog!!! My apprentice says I am so not the spiritual midwife, more like the comedy midwife. Birth should be fun! 😉

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