Posted by: emjb | December 30, 2006

New midwifery blog I found

A really beautifully-written one too, called El Paso Adventure in Midwifery. She is training at Maternidad de la Luz in El Paso, a place I have considered going to for midwife training; it’s one of the only places in the country with a comprehensive on-site program for CPMs. They do serve a mostly border, Mexican-American clientele, and I would need to learn Spanish first, which is a big barrier for me. But not insuperable, just challenging.

It’s not cheap, and means living in El Paso for one to three years depending on which program you pursue, and I have no idea how that would even work for me and my family. I’ve never been west of Abilene, so that part of Texas is mysterious to me. And a little scary. But unlike some other schools I’ve looked at, it wouldn’t require moving to Oregon or another faraway state; I’d still be close enough to see my family semi-regularly.

And yet still: scary. And a long ways off, if it happens at all.

Still, it feels lucky to have stumbled across the blog of someone already doing this work who can help me see what it might be like. And she catches lots of babies, which is the best part of reading midwife blogs–the birth stories. I’m always looking for new ways to feed that addiction.


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