Posted by: emjb | December 25, 2006

Pictures to come, but in the meanwhile I’ll bore you with words

Times I watched Rudolph the Stop Motion Reindeer and A Charlie Brown Christmas: 3. I don’t know, ABC kept showing them when I was home.

Times I got through It’s a Wonderful Life: 1/10th of one viewing. For some reason that movie depressed me this year. Plus, I keep disliking Donna Reed more and more–talk about a serious lack of ambition; she wanted to marry George from the age of 8, and in the non-George world, would’ve have been an old spinster librarian (horrors!). Surely there were some other decent men in town, at least? And for all her devotion to George, she does not seem to be in the least bit interested in his dreams or have any inkling why he might be going round the bend. They need counseling.

Times I saw The Grinch (original, not Scary Jim Carrey version), A Christmas Story, and any other Christmas movie I usually watch: 0. Not enough time, not enough energy this year.

Favorite presents given: Fingerpainted artworks by Nathan to his great grandmas, framed. They loved them, and I felt very clever having thought that up.

Favorite present received: Nathan walked two steps for me this morning. Merry Christmas, kiddo! It’s just what I wanted.



  1. Horray lil’ Nathan!!! What a doll. 🙂 And the terror begins…

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