Posted by: emjb | December 9, 2006

The end of this year=hallelujah

I’m a little early on this post, but the end of the year is nigh, and I personally cannot wait to throw away all my 2006 calendars and move on.

Now there have been good things about this year, don’t get me wrong.

But I will be SO GLAD it’s over. It was the hardest year of my life so far, bar none. C-section recovery, postpartum depression, newborn baby, breastfeeding no worky, cross country move, quitting good job, finding temp jobs, finding mediocre job, finding good job, Xtreme poverty (as xtreme as you can get w/out public assistance), the Worst Intestinal Flu Ever (flattened me for a WHOLE WEEK, people)…and wait, I think that’s it. Or all the biggies.

So yeah, while I’ve had posts about how thankful I am (and I am) to family, friends, etc. for good things, this year won’t be missed by me at-all. Buh bye 2006. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

The only thing I will be more glad to see go is W. himself, but I have to wait 2 years for that, unless he gets impeached in a sudden miracle of justice. But I’m not holding my breath.



  1. Am glad too that this year is over for you – it’s nice to have something that can mark the beginning of a new year. Lord knows, you’ve experienced enough this year to last for a while. Enjoy the good health you now have & be positive about next year. Things gotta get better.
    Love ya, Mom

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