Posted by: emjb | December 2, 2006


Coughing. Can’t stop the (&)%*&^*( coughing. Mine or Nathan’s. Throat feels tight and achy, though I’m not really congested otherwise.

Nathan….poor baby. He’s got this cough…and congestion..and teething…and fever. He coughed so hard at one point tonight he threw up. Right now it’s past 3am, and all I can do is let him stay up and watch Bear in the Big Blue House DVDs and wait for the urgent care clinic to open at 8. I would take him to the ER but they’re so slow and expensive..I’m better off just waiting till morning. Plus hospitals are such germ factories, I’d rather not sit in the waiting room with 50 other sick people. We couldn’t get hold of his pediatrician all day Friday..their phone system was wacky or something.

He already took a course of antibiotics last week, so I’m not sure what they can prescribe him. But he can’t sleep more than a few hours and over the counter meds don’t seem to make much of a dent in the fever/cough/congestion. I’m afraid he’ll get an infection or pneumonia or something equally nasty.

And I should probably get checked out too, I suppose. I don’t have time to be sick! Matt has a book to finish by his drop dead deadline this weekend, I have shopping to do–but the baby is sick, and none of that can be important for now.



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