Posted by: emjb | November 29, 2006

Nearly there

Yay me and my NanoBloMo self. 11/29! Woot!

I am really enjoying my new job, for a lot of reasons;

1. At least two terrifying but awesome women (one my boss) who know EVERYthing about this business, and take no crap from anyone. And are sharp dressers. I’ve had very few good female bosses, and a startling number of ones that were in fact cuckoo-bananas (actually one was a drug addict, so technically, she was only high. I don’t know if she was still crazy when sober). Whereas my male bosses have either been decent or sleazy, but none crazy (although two were convicted criminals!). Anyway, yay for sanity and competence.

2. Overhearing the writers debate whether “Ode on a Grecian Urn” is better to include than “She Walks in Beauty” in the curriculum. Oh my gawd, it’s cultchah!

3. Working in a very “interesting” neighborhood that includes the Lew Sterret Justice Center (jail), which means if you want get your coffee, you’ll be standing in line at the convenience store with bail bondsmen, guys going on day labor jobs, guys drinking their 8am 40-oz, and transvestites. Don’t see that every day.

4. Same neighborhood also includes a Mama’s Daughters restaurant, and oh my LORD it is sooo good. And reasonable. If my New York friends ever visit again, I will drag them here.

5. Talking to one of my co-workers who is a film editor about her working for the Barney show, and how the dwarves(!) inside the smaller dinosaur costumes told filthy jokes at breaks. Did you know the guy (not a dwarf) who wears the Barney suit has to use his mouth to bite down on the flaps that work Barney’s mouth? The smaller dinosaur characters just nod their heads up and down to make the mouths flap. She didn’t get to see the vat where they grow the evil Barney pod-children, but that’s just as well. They’d have had to kill her.

6. Experiencing the nice (Trinity Railway) and the stupid (DART buses) ends of the Metroplex public transit system on the same trip. Though the buses are never running at convenient times or in places you need them to, the drivers are usually pretty nice and will drop you almost anywhere you want along the route. It’s all casual, just us bus-riding freaks hangin’ out.



  1. If my New York friends ever visit again, I will drag them [to the Mama’s Daughters restaurant].

    If? If? I can’t let Nathan grow up without an evil uncle!

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