Posted by: emjb | November 27, 2006

Toddler exhibits toddlerish behavior. Also, dog bites man.

Nathan, honey, what is UP with the mood swings? You were manic, you were so happy and giggly and cute and huggy all day. You were quiet and sleepy at bedtime. So we put you to bed like we always do.

And then, the hollering. Not screaming, but more of a full-throated angry howl. You weren’t wet/hungry/in pain/lonely (we tried sitting with you in your room, too). Backrubs, blankie, Dora doll…nothing worked. Mystifying.

Finally, after switching off with Matt several times to avoid either of us getting frustrated enough to sell you on Craigslist, I laid you down again with the Dora doll and sat in the rocker where you could see me. It hadn’t worked before, but this time it did, and you went out.

And what was the point of all that hollering anyway? Or the point of suddenly deciding that you didn’t love baths, you hated them! As though bathwater was suddenly acid burning your tender baby skin? I have no idea. Maybe you just got bored and decided to mix things up like a reality show, change the rules to keep mom and dad hopping. Thanks for nothing, bucko.


My first day at my new job was good, and not really stressful, yet. I don’t think the work is going to be too difficult for me to grasp, but as we seem to be already behind on a number of deadlines, I can see a Crunch looming ahead and it may not be pretty. I like the people in my department, but really hit it off with the IT guy who manages the Sharepoint server thingy where all our digital files are kept. He’s set it up in a very orderly and sensible fashion to keep track of revisions and keep things backed up. It’s always fun to have somebody teach you something they really enjoy, and this guy has a passion for orderly job flow, which sounds super boring, but really, is an art form.

I love the little randomnesses of various jobs. My last job would let you order platinum-plated trash cans if you pleased from the office supplier, but had a crappy little break room and nowhere to park. This place has plenty of parking and a very pretty break room, with the fanciest auto tea-and-coffee-making apparatus you ever saw, but refuses to keep enough paperclips or pushpins in stock–you have to get them special ordered.

There are also turf battles being waged; I was set up in Cubicle A, but found out later in the day that it was spoken for for an as-yet unhired person–so I would have to move one cubicle over. Why the new person couldn’t just take that identical cubicle, I know not.

Good thing I hadn’t set up my Pikachu homage collage yet! Nothing says professionalism like an obsession with crappy Japanese children’s shows/marketing schemes.



  1. I know this is way late, but I had to give you a big “hoorah!” for getting Nathan a Dora doll. For whatever reason, my mom and grandmother weren’t too displeased with my playing with Barbie dolls when I was four (changing her outfits was as satisfying then as building cabin villages with Lincoln Logs), and for better or for worse, I am not a transvestite. And I gotta give Nathan props for his crush on one of the least annoying morning cartoon characters. Though I still think Li’l Bill is a cutey.

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