Posted by: emjb | November 26, 2006

Oopsie no posty

Totally forgot about yesterday. I was at the relatives’ doing Turkey Day II: Revenge of the Ham, and dropped off as soon as I got home and got the kidlet to bed. I’ll post a makeup post later today.

Said kidlet, by the way, is walking while assisted! If you hold his hands (sometimes just one hand) he will walk all over, making pleased little “ooooh-ha!” noises and grinning maniacally. It helps to make up for the fact that he is perpetually covered in still-draining snot from the cold he just got over. His newest trick is to act all cute and “hug” you, and then use that opportunity to wipe his nose on your shoulder.

His blocked tear duct is acting up too, which means Gooey Eye, which in combination with the teething drooling means my darling child is exactly the kind of crusty mucous-covered little monster that makes young people swear off reproduction forever. At least he’s cheerful about it, though.

We hope to at least get his eye fixed next month; this may means he wears an eyepatch for a bit after his surgery. But since eyepatch=pirate, that’ll be ok. Maybe we can get a Christmas themed one.

We expect unassisted walking any day now. And while we know it brings trouble, our aching, 30-pound-toddler-lifting backs will be happy as all get out.


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