Posted by: emjb | November 20, 2006

A long march, with an occasional kick to the head.

My stupid job. My soon to be old job is screwing me out of my last two days of pay because they only pay holidays if you work the day before and after. The fuh? I WOULD be there, if they were OPEN. Yes, I would work on Thanksgiving if I had to, to get paid. But that’s not an option. Oh well! Happy *^$$*& Thanksgiving!

Of course this bit of news was delivered by the same assish young miss in HR who “misplaced” my paycheck info, making me have to call God and everyone at the head office (she was “too busy”) to get my first check–two days late. She also failed to get my healthcare info sent to headquarters by the deadline, either–but by then I was forewarned and had called them myself. I am not sure exactly what the fuh she does all day, but it ain’t workin’.

She is the daughter of one of the VP’s. Guess she has W. syndrome; we can’t seem to fire his ass either. Won’t miss her a-tall.

This comes on top of an already-long week of wheezing and coughing and sick babies and sick husbands and I ain’t feeling too snappy myself, and we haven’t got our new money in yet to start making up for the bills we couldn’t pay with our old money…and I’m tired. And he’s tired, and the baby’s tired, and our parents want to help but THEY’RE tired, and they’ve helped enough already, and we could all frankly use a week in Hawaii which we’re not going to get.

All my normal props are worn out, and it’s just me, and I’m still walking forward because it’s that or sit down and wait for the guys in white coats. And if they offered me a massage and a margarita, I’d probably hop into their van without a protest.



  1. […] Is it flu season everywhere? Motherfucker. […]

  2. Thanks very much to your husband emjaybee, it is in fact flu season everywhere. 😉

  3. Oh man. I am so sorry. Dang.

  4. Don’t sweat it man.

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