Posted by: emjb | November 19, 2006

Life with Bitey

Phleghm-a-thon continues, though I am less affected than Matt and Nathan. Nathan acts cheery but occasionally coughs and snots up a few cupfuls of goo. Matt has raging sinus headaches. I’m tired and a bit achy, but not as bad…for now. Which puts me In Charge. I helped round us all up for a trip to Half Price today, because we were all stir crazy and bitchy. And because we love to spread our lethal cold germs around.

It was all going pretty well, we came home, fed Nathan, and let him play. He wanted up on my lap, and laid his head on my shoulder. “Aw, how cute,” I thought.

And then the little monster BIT me on my shoulder. HARD. Left a little broken skin and some brusing, dammit. Still hurts. I put him down and yelled “Ow!” which he of course thought was hilarious.

Little so and so. I may sell him to the gypsies after all.


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