Posted by: emjb | November 7, 2006

Brief update:

1. Voting: don’t know if my vote counted. First, they couldn’t find me on the list, though I was registered and had confirmed my polling place the day before; and my husband, who lives at the same address, was on there. So I cast a provisional ballot on an eVote machine. I kept my receipt, which I don’t think I was supposed to, not that it will matter. And yes, I did complain to one of the many voter-irregularity organizations out there. Oh but I almost forgot; there was only one provisional ballot machine at my polling place…and when I was first there it wasn’t working. No one had been called to work on it. I had the feeling I was just supposed to shrug and leave. I didn’t, flustering the poll worker, who got on her cellphone and finally figured out how to fix it, so I could vote. Gotta work hard to vote, these days. Texas didn’t have many close races, so I’m not sure it mattered at all, but registering my displeasure with the Repubs is worth it. Um, if it got registered. Time to think about Voting By Mail, methinks.

2. Me: tired. Baby: strange mixture of happy/cranky, like a tiny manic depressive. Sometimes he cries and laughs in the same breath. But he did go down to sleep with less bottle-dependency, so that gives me hope. We’re not buying any more formula; it’s organic milk all the way from now on.

3. Got another interview tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I ain’t holdin’ my breath.


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