Posted by: emjb | November 6, 2006

Presented without (much) comment

And this is how I surf the Interwebs, and find…stuff. Over at Metafilter, I saw a post about, a site where you can complain about the horrible treatment you received from retailers, restaurants, what have you. I looked for a complaint about my old employer, but found nothing but somebody bitching that Borders carried pornography, which, whatever.

So then I got bored and decided to see if there was anything to be found by Googling “Borders books” + complaints. And stumbled across these guys, who are frankly, scary, with their Border Guard link and cappyness. Anyway, they were mad because Borders employees on an online forum (sadly now defunct) were suggesting ways to hide a John Kerry smearfest that they found hateful but had to stock in the stores.

And then I realized I had no link for the word “cappy”–not even one in Wikipedia! So ok, here goes: a cappy is a guy, usually a frat guy, who wears his cap backwards. Usually to be found stumbling down 6th Street in Austin, yelling “whoo!” and asserting that all women who don’t want to do him are lesbians. Not a proud breed, in other words.


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