Posted by: emjb | November 5, 2006

NaNo Uh Oh

Um, I didn’t post yesterday! So this will be one of two today.

I didn’t post because my computer was down…because I was REARRANGING EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE IN THE APARTMENT. Even more amazing I did it with Nathan in the house, without Matt around. Because I am Rokken like Dokken.

Really, I was just sick of the clutter, inconvenience, and prying Nathan’s fingers out of the VCR slot. (the VCR no longer works; wonder why? Probably full of crumbs). We had already planned to move Matt’s studio out of the living room and into our bedroom. He’s doing so many Second Life gigs now, during the evening–when Nathan is being fed and put to bed and just in general can’t be counted on to be quiet. And it’s a lot fairer to lock Matt away in the bedroom than to lock Nathan and me away while he performs.

So now our TV and DVD player are up on our huge dresser, which is doing double duty as an entertainment center. It keeps them out of Nathan’s reach, and blocks a few power outlets he kept wanting to play with too. Martha Stewart wouldn’t use her clothes dresser as an entertainment center…she’d build a new one from pieces she found in a salvage yard, and then paint it a tasteful light green. But for us, this works. Someday maybe I’ll get a new dresser and rip the drawers out of this one, turn the slots into shelves, and refinish it as a bookcase. But not today.

Even better, Matt’s useful but butt-ugly studio stuff, with its 8 million cables and connectors and heavy boxes full of blinking lights and buttons that do something or other, is now tucked away in our bedroom, where I can close the door on it.

Our table and chairs are now where his studio table was, giving us the ability to watch TV while we eat, without crouching over plates balanced on our laps while Nathan tries to grab our food and throw it on the floor.

My office desk and computer are now across from the kitchen, where I can get to them without crawling over Nathan’s toys, and now I feel like I finally have a real space of my own, without the TV blaring behind me and the draft coming in the front door whistling down my neck.

I don’t believe in feng shui, but I do know how a better layout can improve your mood. We magically have a lot more open space now, and that means more room to roll around with Nathan, to put things away even though we don’t have enough bookshelves, to vacuum up dirt without it being a huge production. It feels good, it feels comfortable, it feels homey. Ahh.


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