Posted by: emjb | November 5, 2006

Link List Pimpin’ #2: Culture Pop

Culture Pop is where I put anything that is about culture, in the broad sense, without being nailed down to one aspect of it particularly. Let’s take a tour.

Andrew Rilstone is a thoughtful, funny English (British? I don’t know which he prefers) blogger who I first found when looking for good, thoughtful criticisms of C.S. Lewis. What I didn’t know was that I’d also find somebody who had many intelligent things to say about Star Wars, Dr. Who, and opera, among other topics. I like to hear about things on the other side of the pond; I’ve been to England three times, and while I don’t know that I really want to live there, I do have a touch of Anglophilia.


Especially if it involves chocolate Hobnobs.

Blog of a Bookslut is an offshoot of, a monthly book review newsletter which covers everything from a book’s…covers to high-end literature, young adult books, romance, and scifi, among other genres. I don’t read book reviews all that much anymore, because I seem to have moved past the aspiring author/editor phase of my career, at least in terms of fiction. And I just don’t have much time to read, and am still steamed about how much I hated The Corrections. Anyway, the blog lets me keep an eye on things I do still care about, like graphic novels and really stupid author bitchslap fights. So basically, I go for less substance, more gossip.

BoingBoing hardly needs a pimp from me; it’s one of the biggest sites out there in Webland (which doesn’t necessarily mean all my readers have heard of it though). It’s just a blog about amazing things–cute things, outrageous things, funny things–and also a lot of activism against corporations who overcopyright everything and sue grandmothers for thousands of dollars when their grandsons download a Ludacris track illegally.

Damn Hell Ass Kings, which takes its name from a Simpsons episode, is mostly a collection of websites run by various cool people who are friends of the even cooler Tara and Glark, who used to run (sadly defunct now). I don’t read all the sites on there, but still love me some Tomatonation and Fametracker. They also host Go Fug Yourself, which I visit often enough I gave it its own link. If you like mocking celebrity attire (and who doesn’t?) then GFY is a hoot n’ a half.

My last Culture Pop link is one I don’t visit very often, Flak Magazine, but which does have a lot of really interesting articles, comics and movie reviews. I need to start hanging out there again.


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