Posted by: emjb | November 2, 2006

Not so much a good news day.

No more ocean fish. Basically the ocean will be nothing but jellyfish and plankton in the next 50 years unless some dramatic improvement takes place, which doesn’t seem likely. Oh and farm fishing? Requires ocean fish. That’s what they feed the farm fish…ocean fish. So yeah. Bad all around. Plus, I really hate jellyfish.

U.S. soldier kills herself after being unable to cope with our torturing of prisoners in Iraq. And oddly enough, hey, all the documentation of her specific complaints about what she witnessed has…disappeared! I’m sure it’s not a coverup, though. Just a clerical error.

Dear America: This is what we’ve become. Torturers. And Bush and Cheney make jokes and shrug..whaddya gonna do? And the rest of us wonder if we’ll ever get the blood off our hands.

It’s a sad day when the good news is that a hate-filled homophobe got his comeuppance in the most embarrassing possible way; by being outed by a male prostitute he slept with.

I guess the only thing to do is spend some time at Cute Overload to take your mind off of things.


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