Posted by: emjb | November 1, 2006

30 Days Hath November, and nothing much happens on most of them


Gonna take a swing at this NaBloPoMo thing, I suppose. Not that I need much incentive to post random snippets without any real connection. That’s what happens when you write every day–I can really only manage coherence a few times a month.

Item One: My mother likes to watch TV with Nathan, particularly The Backyardigans,
which she calls “The Yard Animals.” She also says “kitty cornered” instead of catty-cornered, and “gotch-eyed” for someone with a lazy eye. She does however, used “peaked” in the correct Southern sense, as in pale. “You look a little peaked after giving a pint of blood.” Pronounced “pee-kid” it is actually an old English expression that has hung on in the South. Not to be confused with “piqued” as in “my interest was piqued.” Glad I could clear that up for ya’ll.

Item Two: I noticed that the gods of Halloween struck again this year, teasing the
little monsters with warm comfy evenings all October long, then bringing in a Norther and freezing their tchotchkes off when they actually went out to trick or treat in their flimsy costumes. Happened to me every year too, kids. And nothing spoils a costume like a big ugly coat on top of it.

We didn’t take Nathan out this year, not because of the cold, but because we
were too cheap to spring for a costume, and because 11 month olds don’t need candy. Neither do the parents of 11 month olds. He’ll get to experience the joys of sugar at his birthday, probably at Christmas too. Oh I can hardly wait to put him to bed on those nights.

Item Three: I spent all day playing with software downloads and tutorials because my boss is wonderfully casual about ordering anything I ask for for our department. New Apple G5? OK! Fancy new desk lamp? Get it! She’s very trusting, or just likes spending company cash. Anyway, I keep being tempted to order The Sims on the principle that it, you know, teaches us all interpersonal skills. Makes as much sense as the weekly Deep Thoughts emails we get from HR about “communication” and “empowerment.” Every Friday, a big steaming treacley email appears in the inboxes of everyone at work, reminding them how important it is to smell roses, pat puppies, get the most out of life, and be good little worker bees. All anyone cares about on Friday is their paycheck and their weekend and how to get through the last eight hours of their week. I keep wanting to email HR back and tell them to fire whoever writes this dreck and divide the savings up among people who are actually working.

Or uh, composing blog posts.


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