Posted by: emjb | September 22, 2006

Ten months, and a few weeks cause your mama is lazy

This morning I was laying in bed, postponing getting up as long as possible and letting your father deal with you. I heard you giggling, and then I heard “shh-shh-shh” as you dragged your fat little knees over the carpet, and then you crawled right up to my side of the bed. Grinning and drooling a little, you smoothly executed your newest move; grab the side of the bed, up on one knee, then all the way up on your sturdy legs, toes curled into the carpet. Then you made your “monkey face” and slapped the mattress like a demented Ricky Ricardo.


As mornings go, that was a pretty good one. You’ve been pulling up about 2 weeks now, and now you’re cruising too, all around the bed, between chairs and table and your father’s desk. You’ll be walking by Christmas or I’ll eat my hat. *

Your father has this odd sort of bird-wings motion he makes with his fingers to amuse you, and now you’ve decided it’s your version of a baby sign; the sign for “Daddy” is now your hand in the air, fingers opening and closing. I’ve thought about teaching you some other signs, since you don’t really talk much these days, but most days I’m just coming home, playing with you, putting you to bed, then flopping down for a few scant minutes of reading time. Like my ambition to buy a food processor so you can eat real food, it’s not going to happen until time and money manage to coincide. Which isn’t as often as I’d like.

Besides standing up and cruising, and eating more solids, and sprouting two new bottom teeth (why do you always cut two at a time?) not a lot has changed since last month. Except of course everything that’s changing all the time for you. You sleep better but don’t like Itsy Bitsy Spider songs as much. You now sit in the bathtub proper instead of the laundry basket, but are more interested in climbing out than splashing like a maniac. You notice things outside the car window now…and we can probably go ahead and face your baby seat forward, you’re more than big enough. Another thing we need to get moving on. I started thinking about buying you shoes, now that fall’s coming in, and according to the ones I held up to your feet at Target, you’re about a size 3 already. Maybe I’ll just buy you some warm socks.

Your dad is taking you to playdates all the time, which is a fabulous way to acquire social skills and new germs. You seem to like other children unless they take your toys. Although you did burst into tears when you saw a little girl who happened to be black, causing your parents no end of guilt and confusion. But then she was an older, loud and aggressive little girl…maybe her voice scared you. We just hope her mother doesn’t think we raised you to be that way. Though you may in fact have been surrounded by a bit too much whiteness, a common problem around here. We’re working on that, too.

There’s a lot ahead for you; your first birthday, more teeth, learning to talk, potty training, oh Lord, potty training. It’s all going so fast already, I have to squeeze you a hundred times a day because someday soon, you’ll be too old to pick up, too mature to squeeze, too busy to wake me up with a monkey face and an invisible bongo solo. So I have to get it all in now, all the baby sweetness that I can hold, before it’s gone for good.

*I do not actually own a hat.



  1. [T]he sign for “Daddy” is now your hand in the hair.

    Were I around to teach him, I wonder–just wonder–what his sign for me would be. I bet I’ve got a few good ones I can teach him. We bachelors have to stick together.

    I love the monkey face. But I really miss the cynical eyebrow raise he had for the first few months. Is that one gone for good? And is still really that sweet all the time (besides the obvious exceptions)? For a bachelor roommate who had no desire to live with a child of any age, I sure do miss him a lot. I’ll see you guys later today, I guess. 🙂

  2. The eyebrow raise is gone, but not the cynicism. He’s still highly dubious of organized group activities, and furrows his brow in consternation while the other babies happily sit where they’re put.

    And no, you’re not teaching him the Shocker. That’s for his schoolfriends to impart.

  3. “hand in the hair” ha. I meant “in the air”. Off I go to fix it.

  4. Well, he is less sweet at bedtimes. Then it’s a festival of snotty nosed crying and angry chewing of the crib rails. And when he tries to escape during diaper changes. And when you try to clean his face, he acts like you’re using acid and not water. So not always sweet.

  5. Found you on Doctor Mama and just wanted to say my son cuts 2 at a time also. He just turned 3 and is cutting ALL FOUR 3 year molars at once! Yikes!
    Beautiful baby! As I read the other day about motherhood – “The days are long, but the years are short”. SO TRUE!
    IMHO – Don’t turn that car seat around until 1 yr old – it’s not just weight, it’s neck and spine development too.

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