Posted by: emjb | July 26, 2006

Tonight on the Baby Channel

Welcome to Cute n’ Toothy. I’m your host, Nathan. Today’s topic: crawling!


It’s important to stretch before every crawl.


Here you see the basic left knee/right arm cross-crawling configuration.


It’s important that your crawling surface be soft but firm. Remember, a little lint is good for your digestive system. And cat hair, too!


After every crawl, it’s a good idea to take a bath in the sink.


Time to go! Join us next week for our show on Mom’s Computer Keyboard: The Best Tasting Toy Ever! See you then!




  1. To me, he is looking more and more like you everyday!! He is too cute!!!

  2. GAH! I’ve been internet-less for a couple of months, and we just got it back. Nathan is too cute for words!

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