Posted by: emjb | June 24, 2006


Hey! I’m employed. Or I will be, starting after July 4th. Of course, it’ll really only take us from Complete Destitution to Godawful Poverty, but it’s still a move up. Not many good-paying jobs in my field in Texas, unless you were to go into advertising, which I just don’t have the stomach for. I can’t fake it that well.

In the meantime, I’m winding down at my temp job, and there is definite joy in that. The people are not bad people and even A has stopped treating me like I’m radioactive. But damn, it’s dull.

We just have to get through the changeover between paychecks; basically, it’ll be nearly the end of next month before I get a full check from the new place, and that, my piglets, is craptastic. We’re having to make the serious money pinching moves now. We got rid of my cell phone and got a landline that was much cheaper. We’re stocking up on rice and beans and other cheap food sources for a while and forgetting the low-carb thing. Although we won’t be buying a lot of processed food either, so maybe that will help. No eating out lunches, no dinners, no haircuts ( I have my own haircutting scissors I bought during a similar poverty spell; you can do pretty well just trimming your bangs). We’re encouraging Nathan to continue to eat his cheaper solids instead of a lot of formula. And thankfully in summertime he gets by fine in t-shirts and diapers.

I’m hoping all this means we’ll qualify for a nice tax refund come next April, but that doesn’t help us a lot now. We’re still leaning on our family more than I’d like, but it can’t be helped.

And for the moment, actually, we’re not hurting too badly. We make our car payments with Matt’s ongoing freelance gig that’s good for the next few months. He brings in the odd gig money and recording money. And him being home means he doesn’t need work clothes, gas for getting to work, or as much eating out.

He’s good at staying home, in a way I don’t think I would be. He manages to fit in his music here and there, and gets out with his friends now and then to get some adult interaction. Unlike me, he’s really good at taking Nathan and going places. I tend to just mope and get bored and depressed. His job is much harder than mine, and pays squat, except in drooly smiles. But he’s good at it, and I’m so so grateful he’s the kind of guy who’s willing to be an at home dad. Nathan’s a lucky kid, even if his parents are broke as hell most of the time.


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