Posted by: emjb | June 14, 2006

Seven Months


I love this picture of you (courtesy deanpence) because it captures both your excitement and your uncertainty about all the cool new things there are for you to do. Yes, your face says, swinging is exciting! Also, a little scary!

You continue to stagger me with your cuteness and your unfiltered happiness. When I walk up to your crib because I hear you babbling madly, you look up and smile, and reach up your little hand to grab hold of my arm. Mama, hello! Pick me up!

I will come out and admit it…for a baby, you’re mighty sweet-tempered. I’ve known lots of kids your age that were a heck of a lot grumpier about everything from diaper changes to feeding time, but you hardly ever seem fazed. Hysterical crying is very rare. I don’t know how we got lucky in that regard, and I damn sure am not taking credit of any kind for it. You came out that way.

And yes, I know I’m jinxing things by saying that. You might still be the World’s Worst Toddler, and I suspect we won’t escape the era of Sullen Teenage Jerkiness. But right now, the only thing that would make you more perfect is if you suddenly learned to change your own diapers and let Mom and Dad sleep till noon occasionally. That’s probably asking a bit much.


Too early to tell if you have musical aptitude, but you did manage to keep up a ragged banging on the drum all through one of your dad’s and Smokey’s guitar singalongs. You like slapping your baby hands on the table, or your daddy’s guitar, or anything that makes a good noise. And then we took a picture of you on a drum and your dad made a scary face. Don’t ask me why.


You have four teeth, the ability to sit up (but not get back up when you fall over), the ability to get on your hands and knees, but not to crawl yet. Any day now. You sleep better than you ever have (jinx again!) and like oatmeal with mashed peas. Your hair has your daddy’s cowlicks in the back. Your eyes might actually be turning green instead of staying blue. You still have your little stork bite marks on your forehead. You are starting to pay attention when we cut your fingernails and figuring out that you may not like it. But you haven’t decided to bitch about it yet. You are too big for your baby tub, but not big enough for the big tub yet, and the echo in the bathroom freaks you out, just a little. You like riding in your sling again now that you can sit up and hold on.


You’re growing so fast that this picture is outdated; you sit up better now and you can’t fit into that outfit anymore. Onesies just weren’t made for long tall types like yourself.

You and I have it pretty good right now, kiddo, and I’m starting to pay more attention to special little baby moments like feeding you while you snuggle in bed with me, looking up at me with perfectly round, serious eyes. I know that era is going to end, I know we’re headed towards the unknown, you and me, and this equilibrium will change. I know you’ll be a big kid soon enough and I won’t have leave to cuddle and kiss you whenever I want. But right now, in this peaceful little moment, you’re all mine.



  1. Picture 1: I just pooped my pants. Wow, this is fun.

    Picture 2: Uncle Dean, when are you going to get married and make me a friend?

    Picture 3: I know I told you I’d be happy if he was a football player, but goddamn if he’s not already a musician! Muahahahaha! (I must return to my lair and rest.)

    Picture 4: This means I get a brand new car when I turn 16, right?

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