Posted by: emjb | May 24, 2006

A for Annoyed

I work with two women and a supervisor at my current temp job. It’s not that hard a job, except that there are a lot of arcane rules for entering the data into the database that aren’t written anywhere and can’t be intuited from looking at the forms. So I have to ask a lot of questions.

This annoys one of the women I work for, the one the supervisor dumped me on assigned me to the first day. I’ll call her A. She’s a middle aged mom, with three kids she appears to be disappointed in, a job she doesn’t seem to enjoy though she’s been there for 11 years (I cannot imagine) and basically, she hates her life and anyone who walks into it. Which includes me. My questions annoy her. My inability to magically instantaneously grasp the minutiae of this corporation annoys her. My finishing up work so she has to find more for me annoys her. My attempting to stretch work out when things are slow….that’s right. Annoys her.

The other woman in the department, D., is a stranger duck, a thin woman in her forties who has what for all appearances is the beginning of a hump. Or else the worst posture I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it’s osteoporosis or something else, but I keep wanting to tell her, stop stooping! Get a back brace or something before it gets worse, dear God! She’s wary of me, Temp Girl, but not angry about it. She will try to find me things to do if I press her.

So anyway, there’s lots of time between occasional filing jobs or POs to surf the internet, though I wonder if the IT guys are taking note of the non-work surfing I do. Probably they’re too busy downloading episodes of Battlestar Galactica to notice. The problem is, the longer I have to slack off, the more I tend to forget what exactly I’m supposed to do with these maddeningly complex forms. And then I have to go annoy A. again.



  1. Oh no, not the sci-fi-to-computer-geek relational stereotype again!!!

  2. If there are a lot of rules not written down anywhere and you are bored, you could consider writing a training manual. Probably not worth the effort at a temp job, unless you would find it amusing. I enjoy doing stuff like that, call me weird.

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