Posted by: emjb | May 23, 2006



Because we were out late last night (getting a bed at IKEA! Because we just got our own apartment! Woo!) I didn’t see Nathan all day. He was asleep when I left for work, and asleep when I got back. I got up with him to feed him at four, but he never opens his eyes then.

So this morning, I dallied and dillied around after I got ready for work, knowing he liked to get up at 7 on the dot. Sure enough, I heard his morning grunting and “ooooh” ing, right on time. Screw being late. I ran in to kiss him and rub his soft little face against mine, crazed as a junkie needing a fix. He grinned and lit up when I bent down to grab him, and it melted me down to a puddle of mom goo. Just being away from him for 24 hours was enough to make me crazy. When did that happen?

I finally had to go, and it was hard. Up till now, it’d been different…work was an escape from the stress of being broke and dealing with a cute but non-napping baby. But he has so much personality now and is so sweet and funny, and yes, more beautiful than any other child who ever lived, and I just want to sit around and rub his face against mine 100 times a day.

The other day I got all sad, because I realized someday he’d grow up and be pimply and whiskery and his soft little baby face will be changed forever. I will love the person he becomes, but all the same, I’ll miss this little gurgly person who is always happy to see me. He’s snagged me good.



  1. Kids got your eyebrows or my ass smells like daisies.

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