Posted by: emjb | May 2, 2006

Bah bah BAH bah!

Matt maintains that Nathan is saying “Bahb,” but it’s really “Bahbahbah,” all run together. It’s his first consonant, B, and he’s really working it hard. He’s very pleased with himself.

It’s so strange, to watch all the traditional baby things and realize that kids do all this developing without much help from you. They talk and start rolling and eventually crawling and walking, and you didn’t teach them any of that. I think if you read enough parenting books, you come to believe that if you aren’t interacting with your child at Every Moment, they will simply lie there, like potatoes, and not develop at all.

Of course, you can retard them by neglecting them or not letting them have space to practice, and they always learn faster if they have you down with them, talking and playing along. But they will learn an amazing amount all on their own, which is probably good or neglectful parenting might have wiped out the human race altogether. I’m grateful for Nathan’s genetic programming that tells him when to grow and learn without relying on me to do more than feed, shelter, and encourage him. And it helps to remind me that he’s going to become his own thing no matter what I do.


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