Posted by: emjb | April 21, 2006

Mommy Clash!

One of the joys of living with your own mother whilst being a mother yourself is the occasional Clash of Opinions on what to do about a crying baby. Today, I was letting the baby cry a little since he was so tired and nearly asleep in his crib. My mom strolled in and took him to comfort him, which, OK, fine. But there’s the immediate mental reaction where you wonder: does she think I just don’t give a damn? Yes, I enjoy callously surfing the web while the baby shrieks angrily. Bwa ha ha!

He’s fine, either way; if she wants to hold him a while and get him to sleep that way, it won’t hurt him–I do that too, sometimes. But I definitely had to decide how much of an Issue to make it when she went and got him. I decided it wasn’t enough to fight about. I don’t believe that everything he experiences as a baby will warp him, so getting spoiled by Grandma now and then isn’t worth WWIII.

What’s funny is sometimes she seems to think I pick him up too much when he fusses. I can’t ever win, can I?



  1. Not since that kid divorced his parents has a kid won against his parents. Or was that just a Simpsons episode. I forget which is reality sometimes.

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